Saint Jude Mass Schedule


Saturday  Evening

5:00 pm

7:00am, 9:00am, 11:00am & 6:30pm Life Mass

Monday thru Saturday


Saint Jude School Mass during School Year
Thursday 9:30am


"This is my body, which will be given for you; do this in memory of me." And likewise the cup after they had eaten, saying, "This cup is the new covenant of my blood, which will be shed for you."      
Luke 22:19-20

We Invite All To Come Forward

We invite all persons present at Mass to come forward at Communion time.  Young children and adults who do not receive Communion are invited to come forward for a blessing from the Priest or Eucharistic Minister.  As an indication that you wish a blessing, we ask that you cross your arms over your chest.  Our coming forward at Communion is an expression of our belief in what Jesus did at the Last Supper, and in the unity of all people.  We invite all to come forward even though they cannot fully participate.