When do sports start at St. Jude School?

    • Sports here start in 5th grade.

How do I make a team?

  • Just fill out the forms and pay the registration fees/etc. There are no try-outs, anyone can make the team.
  • Forms are due by a certain date (there may not be late registration)

What must I as a player do?

  • Want to be involved. (learn the sport, it makes it that much more enjoyable for all)
  • Show-up ready for practices & games. (call your coaches if something comes up)
  • Respect the coaches and teammates. (this includes the other teams)
  • Take care of your school's team uniform.
  • Keep your grades up, make sure your homework is done, and have fun!

What must I do as a Parent or guardian?

  • Support your child at all times.
  • Complete a Protecting God's Children class (see bottom of for link too class dates etc.) *** One of the requirements here at St. Jude School, is that you not only turn in a background check form, but that you also attend a Protecting God's Children class. The same class that many are taking to work the lunchroom, and any other volunteer work involving our students. Check to see if here is an available class date taught right at our school. You will not be able to coach without it, and it is required of all our game night workers. Any future classes may also be held elsewhere. Please call the Parish Office and register if you want to take this or another date's class.
  • Sign-up to volunteer. (Coaching. working concessions, scorebook etc. without volunteers the program for the athletes can't run) (it's also one of the best ways to meet each other, as well as everyone that enters the gym or buys something from concessions)
  • Turn-in your forms and money on time. (Keep track of the dates for games, meetings, practices etc.)
  • Make sure your athlete is keeping up in school.
  • Enjoy the games and have fun visiting with each other.