St. Jude Catholic preschool offers a five day preschool for 4 year olds and a three day preschool for the 3 year olds.  After school care is available.

A two day per week, two hour per day, 2-year old program will be available for the current school year.

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Religion is an important part of the school day at St. Jude.  Basic prayers are taught and learned at different grade levels.  Daily prayer, both as a school and in individual classes, is integral to the daily routine.

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The St. Jude School Mathematics curriculum includes basic counting and arithmetic skills, estimation and measurement concepts, Algebra and Geometry, as well as introductory data analysis and probability techniques.  Details of the curriculum and associated standards can be found at the Diocese of Joliet website by clicking here.

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Netbooks are used for daily class work in 5th - 8th grade.  All class rooms have I-pads.  St. Jude offers hands-on training to enhance computer skills at all levels.

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The science curriculum emphasizes the understanding of basic concepts from the three major branches of science,earth, life and physical. The science curriculum and standards for the Diocese of Joliet may be viewed by clicking here.  Then scroll down to the science area. 

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St. Jude School follows the guidelines for Social Science set by the state of Illinois and the Diocese of Joliet. Students are taught geography skills which then lead to the study of how man moved across the Earth and why he settled in certain areas.

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Fundamental Spanish classes are offered in grades K-4 to better prepare our students for High School foreign language courses while, at the same time, enriching communication and acceptance of diverse languages within our community.

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In Music class, students are introduced to a variety of musical instruments such as xylophones and recorders. Come and see your budding musician/singer perform in our annual Christmas Program! Students in grades K-5 as well as musical performances provided by our band.

Art classes provide a great release for your child's creative abilities.  Many projects are sent home with the students while others are proudly displayed throughout our school halls. 

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Over three thousand volumes in the St. Jude library collection educate, inspire and reinforce our Catholic faith and learning. Materials are coordinated to serve as assistance to the goals and objectives set forth in the school's curriculum and in the State standards. Library is used every day of the week seeking to stimulate interest and develop committed readers.



Students will learn to explore factors that affect a healthy lifestyle.
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St. Jude School provides resource services for students experiencing difficulties with a particular subject area, study skills, organizational, or language skills.

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