Thank you for registering!!
Now complete step 2: by printing the permission form for your registered event.  
Turn in the permission form and fee (if applicable) to the Parish Office by the deadline date.  
Only one form is needed per family per event.  Be sure to include the names of all family members who will attend on the permission form.  

Click on the appropriate permission form:

Holy Thursday Retreat for High School - April 17-turn in forms & $12 by Apr 14th

Mission Trip/Service Permission slips:

Hopkins Park - April 26-27 - turn in forms and $25 by Mar 31

Catholic Heart Work Camp - June 8 - turn in forms and $100 by March 31st 

Crossroads - July 2 - turn in forms and $75 by March 31st

Nazareth Farm - June 29 - turn in forms and $100 by March 31st

 Any questions, contact Jenny at 815-514-0051 or Matthew at 815-463-4213