The Liturgy Council has been established to foster the life and mission of the parish through prayerful and reverent celebration of the Sacred Liturgy.

The Liturgy Council is made up in consort with the Pastor, the Liturgy Director, the Council Chairperson, and representatives of the various Liturgical Ministries of the parish, and a member at  large.  The Liturgy Council meets the first Thursday of each month.  



he Liturgy Cou

~ bears the responsibility of coordinating the liturgical life of the parish under the guidance of the Pastor and Liturgy Director. 

~ is guided strictly by the established rubrics and liturgical documents of the Church as well as any approved diocesan guidelines. 

~ is responsible for long-range goals and specific objectives for the liturgical life of the parish in conjunction with the pastoral plan established by the pastor. 

~co-ordinates the various Liturgical Ministers such as Eucharistic ministers, Lectors,  Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers), Altar Servers, Music Ministries, Art & Environment.


The service of our Liturgical Ministers has the power to enhance our worship and strengthens the faith of the assembly. This council will make sure that the proper training and the distribution of pertinent information is provided to all Liturgical Ministers.


The Liturgy Council recognizes the important roles and responsibilities accepted by our Liturgical Ministers. By answering a special call -- they are more than volunteers -- they are truly visible examples and reverent ministers of Jesus and His people.


The worship of God is our primary expression as a Community of Faith. Our Liturgy is the only activity which embraces every single parishioner of Saint Jude Parish.


In the Divine Liturgy we hear the Word of God and experience the Celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist, the source and summit of our Catholic Faith. Be it then our purpose and privilege to diligently labor, with united hearts and minds, towards assuring that all who come to worship at St Jude Church may experience the saving power of God in Community, in the Word, and in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Altar.




Art & Environment
June Bellina


Eucharistic Ministers 
Doug Slusarski 

Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers) & Welcoming
Bob Krejci 


Altar Servers
Sister Sharon Stola, OSB
Rob Utter

Liturgy Director
Sister Sharon Stola, OSB

                                                                         Council Chair Person
                                                                                    Deacon Dennis Theriault 

Colleen Lucchetti