Adult Formation

Director of Parish Faith Formation -  Denise Utter 815-463-4283

Young Adult Contact  - Matt Krumdrick  815-463-4213 


"Faith is both a gift of God and an authentically human response - a recognition of God's call in one's life and a free decision to follow this call by accepting and living the truth of the Gospel.  As such, faith is living and active, sharing many of the qualities of living things: it grows and develops over time; it learns from experience; it adapts to changing conditions while maintaining its essential identity; it goes through seasons, some apparently dormant,others fruitful, though wherever faith is present the Holy Spirit is at work in the life of the disciple." 

"Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us", Issued by NCCB/USCC (now USCCB), November 17, 1999

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