St. Jude Junior Women’s Club

"There are no strangers here. Only friends we haven't met."

Our Club History

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The Junior Women’s Club provides spiritual, intellectual and social opportunities for its members in a casual setting.  Members also/files/Faith Formation/Adult/Ministries/Jr. Women's Logo.jpg provide support to the Parish with several events and activities each year.  Bake sales help the club raise money for craft 

projects and outside speakers.  Membership is open to all women of the Parish, “whether married or single, parents or non-parents, working or non-working.” The St. Jude Junior Women’s Club, as it is presently known, was started in 1976 as the Young Marrieds. The Young Marrieds were a group, which consisted of parish women who met twice a month. They met on a Sunday evening with their husbands and then once a month the women met on a weekday. During the daytime gatherings babysitting was available for the children to provide the moms with a chance to enjoy uninterrupted meetings. In 1978, the group began meeting as the St. Jude Junior 

Women’s Club. The group no longer gathered on Sunday evenings but the tradition of monthly daytime meetings continued. Another tradition of the group was the annual Christmas cookie exchange which continues today. The membership of the group gradually changes each year but the desire for fellowship with other Christian women continues. In 1998 the membership developed a mission statement which genuinely expresses the goals of the present group: To explore our roles as Catholic Christian women through spiritual, intellectual, and social activities, supporting each other as we extend the love of God to home, work place and community. Each year our club attempts to meet our members’ spiritual needs by planning retreats, organizing church tours, and stations of the cross.

We provide service to our church, community and country by collecting for food pantries, donating children’s religious books to our church, making care packages for our troops, advent wreathes and bake sales to help raise money for outside speakers, craft projects, church projects and the Lenten Mission at St. Jude Church. Our club also arranges for guest speakers to present on topics that our members are interested in, such as ancestry, home organization, and gardening. Our club offers a relaxed friendly environment for all women of the parish, “whether married or single, parents or non-parents, working or non-working.”

Our Ministry  (click here)

Our Constitution   (click here)

Meeting Dates and Times

Meetings are held from 9:15 AM to 11:00 AM in Franciscan Hall on the first Tuesday of of every month (except during summer and holidays).  Infants and children are always welcome.

Babysitting is provided free of charge at all monthly meetings

  2013 Executive Board

       President: Kathy/files/Press Releases/Junior women 2013.JPG Klevorn

       Vice President: Barb Widelski

       Secretary: Stefanie Zuraitis

       Treasurer: Colleen Lucchetti

       Program Directors: Lisa Majcher, Debbie Bukas,

                                Eileen Gllstrom, Marcie Yurkanin

If you have any questions about the Junior Women’s Club, please contact Kathy K. at: 815/462-0773