is the Latin word for love,
more specifically,
a selfless love
which manifests itself by reaching out to others.  
St. Jude Caritas members minister to
the needy, elderly and shut-ins
by distributing food baskets during the holidays,
visiting homes
and assisting in any way they can.

Caritas maintains a food pantry for New Lenox residents. 
Food is distributed on Fridays to families on a once per month basis.
Please call the Parish Office (815-485-8049) the week before it is needed. 
Please call if you or someone you know is in need of any service.

The first weekend of each month, Caritas holds a monthly food drive after all weekend Masses to help replenish our Food Pantry. We have grocery carts available in the West Narthex to hold all your donations. Please be generous, we have a large number of families that depend upon us.  Grocery Gift cards are also welcome. Place them in the weekly offering baskets, the poor box at the front door or drop them off at the Parish office. 

Our Food Pantry is in most need of the following:

                                                    canned fruit                                  small packages sugar

                                                    canned fish                                   small packages flour

                                                    canned chili                                  crackers

                                                    baked beans                                 small coffee

                                                    sloppy joe mix                              cake mix

                                                    peanut butter                                frosting

                                                    jelly                                                cookies

                                                    pancake mix & syrup                   popcorn

                                                    cereal                                            toothpaste

                                                    rice                                                toilet paper

                                                    instant potatoes                           paper towels

                                           For a complete list of regularly needed items, click here

 We are very grateful to:

All the Parishioners who give so generously throughout the year
with donations of money, food,
and gift cards to our Caritas Ministry.

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of New Lenox
and the St. Jude Youth Ministry
who collected food through their Food Drive and Scavenger Hunt.

The many other organizations that give to the pantry throughout the year.

The Nelson Road Jewel and Berkot Stores
hat donate food to the local pantries.

All the Caritas members and wonderful group of men and women
who manage the pantry and
fill the many requests for food every week.

All of your time and hard work is so greatly appreciated!


(Please check the expiration dates on food items as we cannot distribute food that is outdated.)

Caritas members usually meet
on the 3rd Monday of each month in Franciscan Hall.

Please check the bulletin for times and dates.

For information call 815/485-8049

God Bless you for you generosity!

"Truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."    Matthew 25:40