Prayer List

In your prayers, please remember our sick family & friends:


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Chris Adlington, Elizabeth Alexander, Jason Bain, Anna Bakotic, Catherine Beazley, Beverly Beeson, Don Behm, Mickey Bersano, Sheri Blake, Nicholas Blaszczyk, Anthony Bokholdt, Leona Bushock, Margie Caria, Ryan Carp, Kathleen CarrollMarianne & Richard Chapello, Shirley Cialdella, Vinnie Ciccio, Carol Ciston, Mickey Cronin, Ellen Cuculich, Dave Cusack, Alex Czuczuk, Angela Danno, Jackie DePolo, John Dewender, Judy Doornbos, Arlene Donnan, Dan Donnelly, Sr., Gloria Donnelly, Sophie Doyle, Bill Drinane, Ronald Eckert, Reece Eggener, Stella Ejka, Sister Mary Patricia Fallon, OSB, Lillian Farej, Vincent Fazio, Melody Fifer, Lois Flanagan, Taylor Forberg, Bernie Fosnaugh, Carol Foster, Jason Fournier, Rose Gandurski, Joe Gasca, Phillip Gautschy, Jr., Trent Gautschy, Nancy Gaydos, Nina Gelsomino, Stephen Gillooley, Patty Glasscock, Jessica Green, Shirley Gumbel, Eugene Handorf, Joyce Hannan, Betty Hart, Elaine Hilgenbrink, Beverly Hochfelder, Stuart Hochfelder, Dolores Hoholik, Jackson Hurley, Taylor James, Karen Johnston, Eliot Kapitan, Rowan James Karge, Dee Kasper, Laura Keskel, Adam Klee, Ed Kranz, Jim Kranz, Bob Krejci, Larry Kuczek, Jane Krumdick, Mary Kay Kulinski, Anthony Leggero, Addison Locke, John Loecke, Julie Ludwig, Mary Lungaro, Laura Lupe, Jean Mathis, Bernard Matlage, Norene Mazzuca, John McGuire, Patrick McLaughlin, Jim Messlein, Richard Monteleone, John Murphy, Rose Marie Myros, Maximus Mzhickteno, Marissa Nardi, Daniel Nawracaj, Jacqueline Newman, Katherine Newman, Nick Newman, Debbie Nowicki, Mel Oard, Kathy O'Hara, Patrick O'Hare, Sally O'Niel, Martha Orton, Bill Oswald, Dr. Dave Panozzo, Wanda Pasternak, Walter Pasternak, Anthony Paul, Serenity Perkins, Johnathon Peters, Patsy Powell, Sal Racculia, Debbie Richards, Georgane Rio, Bella Rodrigues, Ronald Rosinski, Mary Ruettiger, Mark Rupcich, Wallace Salabura, Terry Salabura, Marilyn Sargent, Dale Sawicke, Lynn Sawicke, Joan Schneider, Cliff Scholp, Tom Schude, Tassie Schude, Jacob Sears, Renee Sefcik, Joseph Serena, Jeremy Sgarlata, Margaret Shurilla, Mike Singleton, Donald Slusarski, Brian Smith, Barb Smorynski, Jim Spikings, Starla Stanek, Mary Tadda, Judy Theriault, Ashley Tincher, Ron Tucker, Jessica Tweedy, Bud Ulrich, Peggy Wagner, Michelle Walsh, Sharon Webster, Nancy Weigel, Barb Widelski, Susan Willenborg, Brian Williams, Melanie Williams, Terry Wilmoth, Emily Wojcik, Robert Workman, Mary Wysmierski  (04/09/2014)



Heavenly Father,
 we come before You in humility and thanksgiving
for all the blessings You give us in life.
We know, Lord, that our lives would be empty without Your love
and presence each and every day...
in moments of joy and in moments of sorrow...
in times of adversity and in times of prosperity...
in the mundane and in the extraordinary.
 We know, Father,
that You care for each of us more than we can possibly imagine,
and that Your will for our lives is only for good.
You ask us to put our complete trust in You…
You tell us, over and over, not to fear, not to worry...
and still we continue to struggle with surrendering our will to Yours.
Yet, Your response to our feeble attempts is always forgiveness
and complete, utter love.
Thank You for this unconditional grace,
poured upon us without limits and without end.
We now lift up to You, Father,
our loved ones who are in need of Your healing touch.
Fill them with Your strength and comfort them with Your presence.
Grant them peace;
and if it is Your will,
bring them to full physical and emotional health
until the end of their days.
With hope, and with the knowledge that You always hear us,
we ask this through our Lord, Jesus Christ.


  2008 Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time 7