Technology Ministry

The Technology Ministry was formed at the request of our Pastor, Father Don Lewandowski, to advance the use of computer technology to support the mission and goals of Saint Jude Parish.  The Technology Ministry is an advisory body and technology resource for advancing the use of computer technology within the parish.  We are responsible for assessing the use of technology throughout the parish.  This includes the use of technology by the Saint Jude Parish Office, School, ministries and organizations that serve our parish.

Examples of Objectives:

· Grasp the complex technology needs of our growing parish by understanding the tasks, projects and help requests from groups and individuals throughout the parish.

· Reach out to our parish staff, ministry and organization leaders to gather requirements and determine how technology can better support them in achieving their group’s goals and objectives.

· Evaluate the gaps in our parish computer technology infrastructure and assess the talents of parishioners with IT skills to assist our parish support needs.

If you have solid IT skills and are willing to assist the Technology Ministry Team in advancing the use of technology in the parish, please email our Business Manager, Barb Hickey,