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Click here for helpful links                          For Junior High teens, High 
for teens preparing                                    School teens, & families.
for their Confirmation.
JHYM Calendar                                           Stewardship Brochure
Handbook                                                  On-line Registration
Reflection Pages                                         Permission forms

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Life Mass                                Retreats & Socials   /files/Faith Formation/Youth/JHYM 2013-14/JHYM Retreats pic.jpg

Click here to find out how                                   Get the details, register
you can participate in a                                       for & download forms for
variety of Liturgical                                               these upcoming events:
Sing or play an                                                       
instrument in Teen Choir,                                    
Reader, Greeter,and/or                                        Summer Newsletter  
Usher                                                                   Totus Tuus    
                                                                            Xtreme Taste of Faith

All parents are encouraged to engage in the "Protecting God's Children" program.
All adults 18 on up must complete the "Protecting God's Children" program to
participate as volunteers in all of our JHYM outreaches!